A member of the BNP staff showing the others how to dive.
Photo courtesy of Carmela Abella

This month’s playdate is Swimming! Yey!

Summer has been here for two months now, but we almost missed it because we’ve been having so much fun working on the projects that we were assigned with this month. Luckily for us, we were able to find a way to mix business with pleasure by throwing in some swimming time on our monthly Playdate.

If you’re wondering what swimming has got to do with the creative workshops we officially dubbed as our BNP Playdates, you’re not alone because we’re wondering about that too.

But hey, who ever said artists are all about art? Besides, what could be a better source of inspiration for our next projects than the feeling of floating on water while letting your thoughts run free… if you can float, that is.

Unfortunately, we eventually discovered that most of us have an unsettled love-hate relationship with water, so we had to do some prepping up before we stepped into the pool (it was impromptu, okay? ;p).

First; the swimwear

You may think that this was easy, but since we showed up for work unprepared (we had work in the morning and the impromptu swimming lesson in the afternoon), we had to scramble home to get some decent clothes (pictures of which shall be omitted to preserve our dignity).

Second; the swimming demonstration

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with water, but apparently, one has been in a long-term relationship with it. Since few were willing to volunteer for the task, he had no choice but to fill the role of the designated instructor.

Third: putting what we learned into practice

Watching from the sidelines, the swimming styles demonstrated by our designated instructor didn’t look particularly challenging, but putting what we learned into practice proved to be a different story. We did try our best to imitate what we were taught, but after several near-death moments (kidding!), we gave up and stuck with our own primitive ways of surviving in the water.

The conclusion

Reading how we didn’t get to actually learn anything, you’d think that we would’ve been frustrated, but considering how much power pools and other bodies of water typically hold over people both swimmers and non-swimmers alike, we ended up spending way too much time on the water that we had to be fished out of the pool by our more restrained teammates. Of course, that’s not the end of it, so, for now, we’ll just practice our swimming skills while we plan our next impromptu trip.

Until then!