Using Color Schemes

Have you ever looked at a colorful painting and wished that you can extract all those vibrant hues and use them on your own project? If only things were that easy, huh? Well, actually they are. That’s what we learned during our Playdate this month when we experimented with Kuler and color schemes. Kuler is an application that helps you generate and create color schemes for just about any project like business cards and invitations, web pages, and even the motif of your brand new house or wedding reception. We’re afraid brand new houses and wedding receptions are still a bit far-fetched for us, so we had to settle for something more low-key like the miniature dream houses that we previously drew. Playing with color schemes was fun but not particularly challenging, though, so we thought of raising things up a notch by seeing who can make the most colorful and most beautiful house within three minutes. Since not all of us were familiar with the application, some of us tried it for a bit before starting the game. The cool thing about it is even if you know next to nothing about color schemes, you can still generate magnificent colors simply by uploading a picture you like or browsing through the thousands of photos on Flickr and picking the one whose colors you like best. It will then show you the dominant colors that were present in the picture then you can experiment with them by adjusting the general mood that the colors evoke such as bright, colorful, muted, deep, and dark. With everything all set, we started taking turns coloring the houses that got randomly assigned to us, laughing all throughout the game, because although we picked photos whose colors we thought were really good, using them at random proved to be not a very good idea because we ended up with psychedelic houses, ominous clouds, blue lawns, and other things that would probably look a little too out of place in the real world. Still, we guess that’s the fun part – getting the opportunity to stray from the usual path and having fun with it. And had fun, we did. You’ll probably have too.. Good luck! Related Links Kuler

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