Scrabble Tournament

This month’s playdate is Scrabble tournament.

Lunch at the studio has always been enjoyed with movies and lighthearted banter; however, these days, a new pastime has been keeping both the hands and minds of the BNP Design Studio staff busy.

We’re talking about Scrabble.

Indeed, intense bouts of silence alternated with the sound of chewing as players contemplate where to place their tiles on the Scrabble board to snag the most number of points.


One of the score sheets we used during some of our previous Scrabble games.

That’s how competitive the players have been in the last several days that instead of playing random games, we decided to hold a mini-Scrabble tournament in the office to decide who will be the last one standing.

To do this, we divided the staff into three groups, with the winner of each group moving on to face each other in the championship match.


The BNP Design Studio staff playing in their respective teams.


After players have been assigned to their respective groups, we discussed the rules of the game and decided on which dictionary we’re going to use for reference should doubts about the validity of a move has been challenged. Once that was out of the way, we moved on to the actual matches.


Every man for himself. BNP Design Studio oblivious of the other players as they think about the best possible moves.


The matches started out slow, with a good number of the players settling for less than impressive scores while waiting for favorable openings that could come later in the game; however, as the game progressed, the players started to become more proactive in letting higher-scoring tiles go and using manipulative tactics to lure their opponents into playing words that would work to their advantage.


This is gonna be a long day… BNP Design Studio staff holding on to their higher scoring tiles while waiting for more favorable openings.


This resulted in matches that took longer than we initially anticipated, so we were forced to call it a day after the first round of matches concluded and leave the championship match for another day.

In the end, our art director, computer programmer, and one of our writers won in their respective brackets, although we have yet to see who will be the one left on top once we find the time to hold the championship match.

Stick around for updates! ^^