Party Printables

This month’s playdate is printables.

Organizing a pirate-themed birthday bash for your little boy; making a cute, romantic envelope for your love letter to your amour; or a scrapbook of the most memorable moments in your life – those are just some of the things you can do with printables.

Not familiar with printables? Printables are ready to print illustrations that you can download from the internet and print with your own computer. They usually come packaged in groups, but there are also some printable makers that allow people to mix and match different bundles according to their preferences.

Our artists have been making printables for some time now, but the rest of the BNP team hasn’t had much opportunities to experiment with them, so we decided to make party printables the topic for this month’s playdate.

We’ve been hosting friendly competitions since we split up the team into three groups a couple of months ago, so before we started, the members of each team were asked to pick a theme first. The first team picked a pirate theme, the second one chose a “glam girl” theme, and the last team went for Halloween.

After we’re done picking themes, we started to choose the things we’ll be using for the activity. Each group were asked to pick three items from a predetermined set (buntings, cup wrappers, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, table toppers, straw flags, invitation cards) so everyone got busy discussing what they’re going to pick.

After all the teams have decided what they’re going to do, we started gathering the materials we’re going to need.



All three teams pretty much used the same materials, although some groups threw in a couple more for some extra touch.

Since we were on the topic of printables, we just browsed our database for existing designs that match our chosen themes, then we had the artists from our teams group them together in one file.


When everything was finally ready, we printed the designs, then we started snipping away the unnecessary edges. The buntings were quite easy to cut because they’re triangular in shape, but the cupcake and cup wrappers were a bit tricky because they are circular, so we had to make sure that the length and width of the printables matched the measurements of the cups and cupcakes so the edges would fit snugly.


After we’re done cutting, we moved on to gluing the items we printed and cut to their respective places. When everything has been glued, we thrust the cupcake toppers on top of the cupcakes then we started arranging the designs together so we can take some photos of the final products.

Below are some shots from the activity.


What do you think?

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can download one of the printables we used for this activity. We’ll also be releasing more printable designs soon, so do watch out for them.