Cute Kids in National Costumes

If you have been spending some time watching entertainment shows or reading entertainment articles lately, you might have noticed that interest in Asians has been steadily increasing, thanks in part to the massive popularity of certain music videos and the regular demands for Asian shows abroad.

It’s no wonder more and more people are experimenting with Asian themes. From homes and establishments using traditional Asian decorations, serving traditional Asian food, and selling traditional Asian costumes with a slightly modern twist – the growing appreciation for practically all things Asian is quite easy to see.



Little Chinese Girl Wearing National Costume Cheongsam

Illustration depicting a cute female cartoon character wearing a Cheongsam
(traditional Chinese dress) –
a fairly popular design choice for people putting up posters or
sending out invites for Asian-themed parties.

And that’s no longer just limited to things that you can touch and try because interest in learning Asian languages and understanding the inner workings of the Asian culture is also seeing a notable increase.


Little Japanese Girl Wearing National Costume

Illustration featuring a cute Japanese girl wearing a Yukata (traditional Japanese costume).
Often used as accompanying illustrations for articles espousing the beauty of Japan and its culture
such as those that appear in travel magazines or tourism brochures)


Just take a look at the number of websites that are offering language lessons as well as the personal and commercial blogs that detail observations of the Asian culture that have been sprouting on the internet lately.



Little Filipino Boy Wearing National Costume Kamisa de Chino


Illustration such as this cute Filipino boy wearing a Barong Tagalog (traditional Filipino costume)
often show up as an accompanying drawing for websites
that offer Tagalog lessons or books discussing the Filipino culture)

Aside from language and culture sites, there are also blogs and websites handing out beauty and fashion ideas inspired by popular Asian trends.

Little Korean Girl wearing National Costume

Cute illustrations like this lovely girl wearing a Hanbok (traditional Korean costume)
seem to appear fairly often on the labels of beauty products
as well as accessories like socks and handkerchiefs.



Quite interesting, don’t you think?

Of course whether we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming years or if they will just prove to be a temporary fascination to people who are looking for some novelty is still open to argument, but right now one thing is for sure – they’re just some of the cutest things.