Summer Fever

Summer is definitely the hottest part of the year, and that’s not just because of the blistering afternoon sun piercing through your skin, but also because of the limitless number of fun activities and attractions that you can savor with family and friends. In fact, if you ask several people what their favorite summer activities or attractions are, they’ll probably give you different replies. If there are some things that most people have a shared fondness for, though, the things below will probably be some of the first to make it to the list.


Enough said.

Who wouldn’t want to go to the beach on a hot, summer day to cool off their bodies in crystal blue waters or sink their feet into the sand while walking under the shade of tall coconut trees? Just like this illustration of ladies enjoying a walk in the sand, it’s a welcome change to the hectic work days we usually have to contend with.


Illustration by BNP Design Studio


Refreshing, isn’t it?



Home is where the heart is, so wherever we may be currently settling now, we’ll always find a way to go back home.  That is why reunions are so popular during this time, because aside from Christmas vacation, summer holidays are some of our few chances to meet up with loved ones and catch up on the recent happenings on our lives.


Illustration by BNP Design Studio


Scenes like these kids taking advantage of the summer vacation to hang out with and fool around?




With so many people hitting the beach and other popular vacation destinations in the summer, malls and other shopping places take the opportunity to encourage customers to shop by offering big discounts on selected items.


Illustration by BNP Design Studio


Swimsuits, swimming gear, summer accessories, food, coolers – those are some of the items that usually top the list of summer must-haves – like these trendy shopping-related illustrations below:

Cool, right?

How about you? What are the things you like the most about summer?