Introducing Talk@tee: Our T-Shirt Project!

Wohoo! It feels good to be back, and yes, we are so back! The BNP Design Studio blog has been a little quiet due to the project we’ve been cooking these last few months, but now that it’s finally underway, we’re very proud to introduce our new babies to you.

Meet Tok, Kat, and Tee – the latest addition to BNP Design Studio’s list of original characters and the heroes of our very own line of shirts.

Yup, you heard that right. We are no longer just providing third party merchants the cute and trendy designs that you have loved for years, we have now branched out to manufacturing and distributing them ourselves under our talk@tee brand.

In fact, we just had a pre-launch last July 23, 2011 where we officially made the official website of talk@tee, along with our first batch of designs that are now ready for purchase, available to the public.

It’s only been a week since then, but so far the response has been rather great!, so we will be working on giving you more designs to choose from as well as adding more improvements in the site itself in the coming days.

So come see our shirts and we’ll let them do the rest of the talking. You may also want to like our Talk@tee Fan Page or add Tok, Kat and Tee as a friend on Facebook while you’re at it. ^_^

An interesting mix of new and old, these shirts feature Tok, Kat, and Tee catching up with the latest trends and reviving good old Filipino customs and cultural icons.

Designed for COUPLES who want to express their affection for one another, FRIENDS who love hanging out together, or GROUPS and organizations bound by a common goal, Connectees tell one continuous story spread out among several shirts. Included in this category are short comic strips featuring Tok, Kat, Tee, and other miscellaneous themes.

Got something else in mind? No problem! We have a whole bunch of random designs for you to choose from.