Snow White and the Huntsman

This Month’s Playdate: Movies and copyright

Howdy guys! After last month’s Playdate on which we had enjoyed fun under the sun (swimming, that is), this time, since most of us loved watching movies, we have considered seeing a flick as a topic for our Playdate. So for this month, as we had our popcorns and drinks ready, then its movie time!

Oops! Before anything else, we have to pick up a good movie first. And because everyone’s inclined to see “Snow White and the Huntsman,” we have decided to watch that movie. So off to the cinema we go!

We arrived a little too early for the scheduled time of the film showing, but nevertheless, we bought the movie passes. And while waiting for the time to pass by, some of us went to the arcade, while some just took a stroll around the mall, while others bought some snacks. Shortly after that, all of us meet up then we went inside the cinema.

We have enjoyed watching the movie and its special effects as well as the “twists” that were not “originally” present on the fairy tale, especially the fact that Snow White was now regarded as a heroine and not just the traditional damsel-in-distress-waiting-for-prince-charming anymore, although the main elements of the Snow White fairy tale (i.e. the poison apple, magic mirror, the seven dwarves, and the wicked witch) were still there.

After watching the flick, we returned to the studio and discussed the brief history, or rather, evolution of Snow White; from the first Grimm’s fairy tale, to the Disney’s animation, to the various movies and theatre plays, to video games, up until the latest Snow White movie, and that is “Snow White and the Huntsman.” We have also discussed the copyright terms and trademark ownership of the said fairy tale.

That’s it for this month’s Playdate! Do watch out for more in these coming months! Ciao!