Radio DJ 101

Photo showing the audio recording software we used to record our “DJ 101” session. (^^)
Photo courtesy of Carmela Abella

This month’s playdate is Radio DJ 101

We hear them almost everyday in our radio sets or thru our cellphone’s FM radio. They entertain us and keep us updated on what’s hot and what’s not in and out of the music scene. They’re the radio DJ’s.

Well most of us are a bit curious on how it is and what are the basics of becoming a radio DJ. And since some of us here have actually experienced being a radio DJ for quite some time, we’ve decided to share with our fellow colleagues the experience on “how to talk” on the radio, hence DJ 101 becomes the topic on our playdate.

The original plan is that we’ll drop by at a local FM radio station here and we’ll do some on air greetings. But unfortunately due to the bad weather outside, it did not pursue, so we’ve come up with the idea of setting up our “own radio station” here in the office…err, we mean recording ala radio. :)

After the needed software was installed and tested we’ve proceeded with the discussions about the basics of being a DJ. One of our colleagues who also become a DJ was assigned for the task. The subject focused more on picking up your radio name or alias, the personality of a DJ, preparations, using headphones, music selections, playing song requests, and of course, how to talk on air.

After the discussion, we’ve prepared a script that we’ll use for recording which consists of the common jokes that we share here in the office. We’ve enjoyed the recording process and after the editing and adding some effects, here is the final outcome of what we’ve recorded:

Hey, you might want to try it too! All you need is a voice recording software and your headset (with mic, of course!) and you’re all set to becoming your own DJ.

Before we forgot, here’s the bonus part, our bloopers! 😀