Personalizing Handmade Paper

As promised, our tutorial’s back to give you some tips on how to personalize the handmade paper we made last time.

There are a lot of ways to do this, and one of the easiest and cheapest ones is to add materials that we can readily find in our immediate environment like leaves, flowers, and grasses to it.

We can do this either by adding the said materials to the paper we’ll be grinding in the blender, or we can also place them unto the paper after lifting the frame from the container. The choice is up to you, although the second method will allow us to place our decorative materials exactly where we want them to be.

Aside from adding decorative materials to your paper, we can also add some colors to it. We can do it the easy way by simply adding artificial color to the paper mixture or we can do it the natural way by adding natural ingredients like pieces of fruits and vegetables in our mixture.

For example, if I want my paper to have a yellow tint, I’ll just include some onion skins in my mixture. If you want it to have a purplish hue, you can do the same with beet.

For added appeal, we can also add some scent in our paper by adding essential oils or natural ingredients known for their scent like lavender, rose, and lemon to our paper mixture.

There you have it – our own personalized handmade paper! Just add some cute illustrations here or some other nice designs there and we can now use it for scrap books, send it as invitation cards, sell it at stationery shops or do whatever we want to do with it. With a little imagination, the possibilities will be endless.