Paint-a-Mural Challenge

Some people look at clean surfaces and wince at the thought of getting them dirty. We, at BNP, look at them and see an opportunity to use our creativity.

That’s how one of our casual chit-chats during lunch ended up giving way to a Paint-a-Mural Challenge. It’s a good thing some of us are already well-acquainted with murals, so the idea received no opposition. However, we thought there would be no fun in assigning the task to two or three experienced people so we decided on asking everyone to participate instead.

We gave the project a jumpstart by exchanging ideas on what theme we would like to use and settled on the concept of an amusement park. Then we brought out our sketchpad and passed it around for the staff to draw on.

When we finally had a rough draft of the images we wanted on the wall, our first volunteer got some chalk and started drawing the outlines of the mural-to-be. We then took our paintbrushes and took turns in tracing the outlines with acrylic paint and adding some fine details on the painting until it was done. After that, we started to color the BNP logo which was sandwiched among the fluffy characters we drew and left the rest of the painting in black and white.

The whole process only took three days to complete (shorter than we expected), so by the fourth day the previously bland wall in the pantry was already sporting a different look –  and the way some of the staff have been casting knowing glances, it won’t probably take long before the rest of the walls get a make-over of their own.