Last time, we taught you how to create personalized handmade paper from discarded materials (Well, you did your homework, didn’t you?) This time, we’re going to add some color to ordinary paper by experimenting with an effect called marbling. Are you ready to go? Okay, not so fast. Try to gather the following first:

Large container with a flat bottom

  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint, preferably marbling paint
  • Spoon or stick
  • Paper
  • Newspapers

To start the experiment, we’ll pour some water into the container until it’s about an inch deep. Then we’ll get our paintbrushes and drop some paint into the container until it spreads all over the surface. Marbling paint is supposed to be the best option for this, but if it’s not readily available in your area just like here in Lucena, we can use acrylic paint instead. If you want some variety, we can also add a second or third color of paint. Adding further colors won’t exactly be a good idea though, because it apparently results in barely noticeable effects.

Once the paint has started to spread, we can manipulate them to produce specific patterns, like a feathery one for example, by dragging the colors back and forth with a stick.

If a satisfying pattern emerged, we’ll lay our paper on the surface of the water and hold the corners so that the center of the paper will be the first to touch it. After the colors have stuck to the paper, we’ll lift it away from the container and place it with the painted side up on a layer of newspapers to dry.

When we finally have our finished product, we can further personalize it by drawing some nice illustrations on it, sticking some fancy decorations, or whatever you please. If you want, we can also prepare several marbled papers so we can experiment with different marbling designs until we come up with something you’re really satisfied with.