Covering New Grounds

The month of October is a month of new beginnings for BNP Design Studio. Not only have we launched our very first blog and added some new modifications to our official website and merchandise store this month, our long delayed plan of moving in to a bigger and more appropriately designed studio has also finally pushed through.

From a small improvised office converted from a one story studio-type apartment unit to a two story building with minimalist interiors, our staff of eight people all packed and manually carried our equipment and belongings to the place we’ll be calling our new home – or office to be exact – sweating and collecting specks of dust along the way.

It took us about half a day to unpack and rearrange our stuff, and when we had the chance to rest and scan our new environment with its grainy walls, smooth painted floors, ample bookshelves, spacious drawing area, and sleek and shiny computer units atop pristine desks, choosing which newly purchased seat will belong to whom became a race.

Of course the matter was settled amicably, and after a hearty meal and some casual exchange of lighthearted jokes in between bites, we decided to call it a day.

All in all, it was a tiring task. But that aside, it was really fun.