Breaking the Summer Fever

It’s getting hot out there! And here at BNP, we decided to raise the heat level a notch higher by trying some sizzling moves to help us become fitter this scorching season. Our weapon of choice? Dancing.

Saturday saw us in an unfamiliar dance studio we rented out where we traded our pencils, and graphic tablets for our rubber shoes and some waist scarves(for a bit of belly dancing). ^_^

But of course, we can’t just head straight to the fun part without going through the basics, so we warmed up the floor by doing some exercises first. After some snapping noises from bones suddenly woken from a deep slumber, we were finally able to start what we went there for.

Dancing has never been the strong point of some of us. But still, for this session, we gamely accepted the challenge of coming up with our own modern jazz dance routine.

We initially thought that it would take us an entire day to devise some basic moves, but we surprised ourselves when we were able to pull it off in half a day – each contributing ideas with unexpected zeal.

Finally, after everyone has demonstrated their suggestions, we ended the day with a complete routine – and some additional hip snap move in belly dancing.