About our Blog


That lovely day when you wake up to the piercing light of the morning sun shining through your curtains and you lazily pull your blanket up to cover your face instead of doing a mad dash to the bathroom for your daily morning rituals before you go to work. At least that’s how typical Saturdays go.

For us at BNP, Saturday is – aside from being the last day of our workweek – our official let’s-all-stretch-our-bones-and-do-something-fun-and-artistic-day. It’s the day when we unleash the inner child sulking in the corner while we sit in front of our computers and go about our regular work to try our hand in various artistic crafts and all sorts of casual but fun activities. That is exactly what we’re going to be sharing here.

With simple and easy to follow tutorials inspired by our own experimental forays in various crafts, short profiles of up and coming local artists in the city of Lucena and other neighboring towns, hodgepodge of random but interesting stuff we stumbled upon the web, and our very own misadven… err… adventures, there will always be a little something for you to enjoy while giving you an idea or two – probably something that you can even make a business of – at the same time.