talk@tee: Our T-Shirt Project

Let’s follow Tok, Kat, and Tee as they take you on different adventures in the name of friendship, romance, nationalism, entertainment, or just plain randomness.

Initially designed by artists at BNP Design Studio who simply wanted original designs for their T-shirts, these characters’ antics soon caught the attention of friends who started requesting for shirts of their own.

Now that it’s available for distribution, why don’t you check out what our adorable little friends will be up to next?

An interesting mix of new and old, these shirts feature Tok, Kat, and Tee catching up with the latest trends and reviving good old Filipino customs and cultural icons.

Designed for COUPLES who want to express their affection for one another, FRIENDS who love hanging out together, or GROUPS and organizations bound by a common goal, Connectees tell one continuous story spread out among several shirts. Included in this category are short comic strips featuring Tok, Kat, Tee, and other miscellaneous themes.

Got something else in mind? No problem! We have a whole bunch of random designs for you to choose from.